We are writers who love movies, so when we’re not writing fiction we’re here blogging about our favourite forms of big and small screen distraction. Reviews you find here will mostly be for older movies and shows, the kinds of things we busy working women don’t get to see when they come out at the cinema, because we have to wait til they’re on DVD or Netflix. The best part about that is, we can watch in our pajamas and drink wine. Amiright?

Sami Lee

I’ve been making noise about movies ever since I was 6 and my parents took me to see Jaws (don’t blame them, they had no idea!). Luckily for my future phobia development, I was more interested in the Jaffas they’d bought to distract me during the flick. When the little buggers spilled out of their box and rolled down the aisle during a hugely suspenseful scene, more than one adult nearly jumped out of their seats when I yelled ‘OH NO I SPILLED MY JAFFAS!!!’.

I was never allowed at that cinema again. Or to eat Jaffas, come to think of it. My main areas of cinematic love are comedies, thrillers and relationship movies. Also find me at www.samilee.com if you like dirty, sexy romancey type novels, which I’m currently avoiding writing by doing this.

Lexxie Couper

I love stories. Any way I can get them, a good story, told well, makes me a happy camper. The first movie I can remember seeing was Mary Poppins. From that point, I was a committed film geek and I love talking about movies almost as much as I love watching them.

I also write romance novels in a variety of genres from sci-fi to hot contemporary rock stars. Find out more about my writing at www.lexxiecouper.com